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Terms and Conditions apply to all services (translations, proofreading, web design) provided by Allegri Plus Ltd. - company based in Filipovićeva street 4, 51000 Rijeka (hereinafter referred to as "the Contractor") and to all legal relationships between Executives and the Client ("Client" means any natural or legal person that orders the service of the Executives). By ordering services, Client accepts all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

1. The Contractor Liability

The Contractor agrees to perform all the requested services conscientiously, professionally and in compliance with the agreed deadlines.
In the case of the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations, the Contractor shall notify the Client.

Proofreading and translating the text can lead to the changes in the number of characters or words, and, therefore, a change in the number of pages, as well as the position of the individual titles, paragraphs, pictures, graphs, tables, etc.

The Contractor shall in no case be held responsible for graphic design, appearance, and the arrangement of the text after the translation or proofreading, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Translations and edited materials are delivered to the Client by e-mail, unless otherwise agreed.

The Contractor agrees not to make materials and information received by the Client available to third parties.

If the Client has any complaint regarding the quality of translation or proofreading services, the Contractor will assess the justification of the complaint, and, if necessary, undertake additional actions and corrections without any further compensation. Any complaints regarding the issued translation or proofreading text can be submitted via e-mail within 15 days of receipt.

2. The Client Liability

The client agrees to, if possible, offer the Contractor all the relevant literature (including explanations, a list of terms, instructions, etc.) or Internet resources (useful links, related articles, etc.) related to the content of the text for translation or proofreading, especially in the case of specialized texts.


If the Client fails to submit the relevant literature or Internet resources, the Contractor will use the profession related literature at their disposal.

The Contractor shall not be liable for mistakes that may possibly arise due to the failure of the Client to submit relevant literature to the Contractor.

3. Prices and payment 

Services are charged according to the price agreed with the Client by e-mail.

Standard text count unit is one card, which consists of 1500 characters including spaces, commas, etc. of the target text.

After reviewing the specialized text (according to the Contractor's assessment), the Contractor may determine a higher price than the price stated for some other translated text, with prior notice to the Client and their approval. A higher price may be determined in the case of urgent translation procedure.

Discount may be granted for a larger text amounts or to permanent business partners.

The Client shall pay the agreed amount for services no later than eight days after receipt of the translation or proofreading materials. Payment is made to the Contractor's bank account.

In the event of late payment, the Contractor shall be entitled to charge default interest rate.

The Client may use the translated or proofread text only after the complete payment. As long as the payment is not made, the Contractor has the full ownership and rights over the translated or proofread text. According to the Copyright Act, Article 6, copyright works, among others, are also "translations, adaptations, and other alterations of works that are original intellectual creations of individual character".

If the Client wants to cancel the already commissioned service before the agreed deadline, it can be done only by a written notice. In this case, the Client is obliged to cover all the costs of the already translated or proofread part of the text, which was carried out before the Client's cancellation.


4. Other terms

The Contractor has the right to disclose the Client's name in their references, unless the Client prohibits it by written or oral request.

The Contractor reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions.


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Terms and conditions

  • Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by Allegri Plus Ltd. and the Client. Click here for more information.


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